The Perfect Turkey

For a Fab Christmas turkey order yours NOW from Gracemire farm!!

The Perfect Check List more detail

At Gracemire Farm we care about our turkeys and nurture them to perfection.. and this is how...

Hand reared The turkeys have been reared slowly over the last 6 months and are checked regularly throughout the day and night.
Natural Light The barns let ample natural daylight in and the birds can sleep when it’s dark, rather than the intensive system whereby sheds are lit 24 hours to promote the birds to be awake longer and feed more thus grow quicker.
Wheat based feed The turkeys are fed solely on a wheat based diet, specifically formulated using natural ingredients. NO antibiotics, growth promoters or hormones.
Bedding The turkey barns are re bedded with fresh clean straw daily.
Room to roam Large spacious modern barns ensure the birds can demonstrate natural behaviour in a safe environment.
Hung for 10 days All the birds are traditional hung to create that fuller flavour and tenderness.
Hand Finished Each and every bird is checked by Richard for quality throughout the whole process and before it leaves the farm
High welfare standards As all the above demonstrates the turkeys welfare is paramount to ensure a quality and tasty turkey at the end.

The birds are oven ready, with giblets, and can be collected from the farm on the
23rd and 24th December.

To order call Richard or Fran on 01772 690377

A Happy Turkey = A Tasty Turkey = A very Merry Christmas !!